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NEMA(PE) Frequency Variable Explosive-proof Electric Motor of Shandong Lijiu Electrical Machinery Co.,Ltd Run Through Attestation of CSA(Canada) Certification in Shandong[ 03-03 15:15 ]
In Feb 2016,Shandong Lijiu Electrical Machinery Co.,Ltd received an email notice from the Guangzhou Jiahuamei Certification Company,Shanghai branch(Joint Venture of Canadian Standards Association in China) that 1-200 HP,Class I Division 2,explosion-proof ,frequency variable,SF1.25 series NEMA(PE) motor of Premium efficiency three phase and asynchronous,developed by the company had run through the CSA attestation and got the relative certificate.
The company has won 2011 annual advanced units of production safety honorary title[ 03-31 15:03 ]
The company is RuShanShi production safety committee of the peoples government awarded 2 0 one year the work of production safety of the honorary title of advanced unit
The company passed the qualification approve for "Special electrical engineering technology research center"[ 03-31 15:02 ]
In November, 2011, the company passed the second approve of Shandong High and New Technology Enterprise, so as to still be with the title of "Shandong High and New Technology Enterprise"
The company through the provincial science and technology hall "shandong special electrical engineering technology research center" qualification review[ 03-31 14:59 ]
In December 2011, the company successfully through the shandong province science and technology hall for electrical engineering technology research center qualification review, this is the company in 2006 in shandong province was awarded the special electrical engineering technology research center after the second review.
Our products have been identified for the honorary title of "Shandong Famous Brand"[ 03-31 14:57 ]
In December 2011, the company DYG Series high starting torque multi-speed motor products, Brand Strategy Promotion Committee of Shandong Province, Shandong Province Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision identified as "Shandong Famous Brand".
Di-zi-gui training for administrative staff[ 03-31 14:56 ]
On 3 November, 2012, 4, the company invited gold blue union gold medal training lecturer LiuChangCheng teacher to visit the company, the company more than team leader management personnel di zi GUI traditional culture training.
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