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Introduction of The Company


Shandong Lijiu Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd (Stock Code: 831121) is an electric motor systems manufacturer and service provider with more than 40 years of expert manufacturing experience. Lijiu is National New High-tech enterprise, China Patents Shandong Star Enterprise and National Quality Integrity Excellent Enterprise.

Lijiu concentrates on researching and developing, manufacturing and selling special electric motors, standard electric motors and motor-controlling systems, serves for middle and high level equipment manufacturing customers, offers special and high quality motor system products and services to customers with rapid and accurate manners to achieve growing together for enterprise value and customers value. With  years of technology accumulation and continuously innovative development, Lijiu has become one of excellent enterprises among domestic motor industry.

The main products include: Three main categories which are special electric motors, standard electric motors and motor-controlling systems. Leaded by special electric motor systems, there are more than 20 series, 3000 specifications of motor systems which are NEMAYE3IE3)、YX3YE2IE2)、YVPYCTYDDYGTYGTYPLSZBYIY and other series. The annual production capacity reaches over 3000 thousand kW. The products and services are widely applied to industries of petroleum machinery, packing machinery, metallurgy machinery, paper-making machinery, plastic machinery, rubber machinery, food machinery, mining machinery metal forging machinery, air-compressors, injection molding machines, pumps, etc. Furthermore, the products are new creation or in leading position among many industries. Lijiu has proprietary brands “力久”、“”、“”、“LEADGO. The products are not only sold well in domestic market, buy also exported to countries and areas of Asia, Europe, America, Oceania and Africa.         

Lijiu has strong independent innovation ability. It has a research and development team with more than hundred persons. It has a Tech-center of Shandong Provincial grade, a Special Purpose Motor Engineering Research Center, a National Grade Post-doctoral Research Workstation. It owns over 100 national patents, participated to establish 16 national and industrial standards. Lijiu was named “Patent Model Enterprise”, “Massive Patents Owner”. Its seven series products developed independently have passed provincial identification. Its technology has reached international level, leading level in domestic. Lijiu built a first level type-test center with internationally top-level testing equipment to check performance of the products all-around. Lijiu has most complete checking system in the industry to control effectively the productive process. The products have passed ISO9001 International Quality Management System Certification, ISO14001 Environment Management System Certification, OHSAS18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification, China Compulsory Certification CCC, International CC & CE certification and Canadian CSA certification. 

In 2014, Lijiu bought all motor business, brands, core technology and equipment of Beijing Bijie with over 50 years of motor production history, Beijing Bejie’s technology team and selling team joined in Lijiu which makes Lijiu to be higher lever for technology ability, enterprise scale and competitiveness. Now, Lijiu has the ability to manufacture American NEMA standard motors, Australian standard motors, European standard motors and IEC standard (China national standard) motors.

“Creating characteristic products, Casting Lijiu Brand”, to make Lijiu become most famous, most respected and most trusted motor system manufacturer is all staffs’ struggling objective.  Lijiu will abide by the quality principle of “Superior quality, Sincere service, Continuous improvement, Pursuing excellence” and management philosophy of “Force on innovation, Long in quality, Concentrate on marketing, Speeding and efficiency”, to make a top-level enterprise with “expert, perfect, special, new”, continuously hold its technological superiority of electric motor system and provide customers excellent dynamism.

Shandong Lijiu Electrical Machinery Co.,Ltd.

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